Do you suffer from IT headaches caused by...

  • Conflicting tasks and priorities 
  • A lack of specialist expertise and care
  • Security vulnerabilities
  • A reactive approach to IT
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Techware provides  considered, strategic, IT advice and support with care

At Techware we believe that IT should enable and empower your organisation, not hinder it. Understanding your business and what you want to achieve is a crucial part of this. 

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During this 30-minute call, we will:

  • Identify gaps in your existing security
  • Assess your current systems or cloud status
  • Help you understand the role IT should play to help your organisation grow
  • Discuss the best solution to solve your main IT issues

Your IT is intrinsic to the success of your business. We work as an extension of your team, to pinpoint opportunities for improvement and act on them.  Techware will secure and mature your organisation’s IT with care and specialist expertise. Our proactive approach will ensure you’re ready for any cyber threats, or changes in your IT needs before they happen.  

Our customers  say

“David has empathy towards the NFP space. He knows the risks for us, and he understands our sector. All our managers find the Techware team calm and considerate to work alongside. They explain issues to us like people, not techies. I don’t worry about IT at all now, I used to worry about it all the time. I see them as a business partner – not an MSP,”

- Joe Tucci - Australian Child Foundation 


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